About Us

We know there are many items available out there for the benefit of the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement. We know some of you are selling these items and we know many of you are looking for these items. This online store is operated by a group of Hong Kongers living in Canada. The management team is intending to connect sellers and buyers in the GTA to facilitate the sale of these meaningful items.

Online Store

This online store provides a central platform for individuals, groups and organizations to sell the items with themes on the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement. The services will be provided without commissions or fees from sellers. Our operation relies on a small per-order fee from buyers and community support.

  • Provide catalog and track stock of items for sale
  • Collect payments from buyers
  • Deliver items to buyers or facilitate the delivery between sellers and buyers
  • Periodically transfer collected amount to sellers

We appreciate buyers to contribute additional amount towards the operation of the online store and to any sellers.


Sellers using this online store should be for the sole purpose of benefiting the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement. Proceeds of sales, net of reasonable expenses, should entirely be donated to organizations including but not limited to Hong Kong 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund, Spark Alliance, Project R, Aegis Consultants HK Limited (Taiwan), Apple Daily subscription sponsor or advertisements, local organizations/groups supporting Hong Kong frontline protesters stranded in Canada, local organizations/groups advocating all levels of government and the general public to support Hong Kong, public crowd funding campaigns supporting Hong Kong or this online store.

Seller Disclosure

Each seller, whether as individual, group or organization, should periodically disclose to the management team of this online store

  • Material costs of items for sale
  • Itemized expenses associated to the items for sale (e.g. shipping, packaging)
  • Amount of proceeds forwarded to the beneficiaries
  • Remaining proceeds, if any, and the intended usage

This online store will publish the financial summary of the above to the public. Sellers may choose if and how to disclose the financial details independently. The management team will request proof of transfer to beneficiaries.

If seller is also the beneficiary, it is up to the beneficiary to disclose the usage from the proceeds of sales, including costs of items for sale.


Buyers are expected to be living in the Greater Toronto Area. We only accept e-Transfer to settle payment on the purchases and only accept cash-on-delivery on rare occasions. Items will be available for pickup at specific locations during specific dates/times, delivered to the shipping address or shipped by Canada Post or by UPS.

As of March 14, 2021, a per-order processing fee of $5 will be charged to delivery address within the GTA, i.e. postal code starting with M or L. The fees will support operating cost of the store. For delivery address outside GTA but within Ontario, a based delivery fee of $15 will be charged. If actual shipping fee is higher than $15, the difference will be settled before shipping. Likewise for delivery address outside Ontario, a based delivery fee of $20 will be charged plus actual difference. We expect fees collected for orders outside GTA to be spent entirely on shipping charges.

Be a Seller

If you are a seller and would like to use the platform, please use the Contact Us form to send us a request. Sellers will provide stock to use for immediate distribution. Alternatively, we may collect orders and request stock for paid items periodically. Setting of sale prices and bulk shipping fee will be mutually agreed upon.

The management team of this online store reserves the final decision to accept an individual or organization to use the services provided by this online store and to deny an individual or organization to continue using the services at any time.