《誰衛我城 | DEFIANCE 》+《吶喊 | VOICES》套裝


Two editions to choose from 兩種版本供選擇

  • Special Collector Edition 特別珍藏版
    《誰衛我城 | DEFIANCE (特別珍藏版)》+《吶喊 | VOICES》
  • Standard Edition 精裝硬皮版
    《誰衛我城 | DEFIANCE》+《吶喊 | VOICES》

另有獨立發售《吶喊 | VOICES》
This book is also available individually.

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Defiance & Voices – frontline photography from the Hong Kong protests

《誰衛我城 | DEFIANCE 》一 本紀錄香港覺醒的攝影集




《吶喊 | VOICES反抗的藝術


自六月份首場大遊行,抗議浪潮伊始,香港藝術家就大受街頭連綿不絕的戲劇發展所啟發。透過海報創作、塗鴉、廣東話食字,以及網絡爆紅事物,他們的作品反過來又表達出大家的種種悲痛、憤怒和焦慮。在某些極低沉的時刻,藝術家帶來了輕鬆舒解,從而注入動力讓運動保持活力。《吶喊》的總編輯為 Childe Abaddon,他是連儂牆的眾多創作人之一。

DEFIANCE is a photographic chronicle of the most unforgettable year in Hong Kong’s history. With these images, readers will relive this remarkable period, the year the people stood defiant and Hong Kong awakened. Over 60 of the world’s best local and international photographers and many other agency photographers such as AP and AFP, with over 200 select images that capture the essence of the dramatic events in Hong Kong. This is the story of the awakening, as they saw it and photographed it.

A companion book, VOICES, is a collection of art posters and painting spawned by the Hong Kong protest movement, including 50 artists and typography designers and more than 200 works of art. The chief editor is the Hong Kong artist known by his pen name Childe Abaddon, one of the lead artists for the Lennon Wall at Kwai Fong.

To document this momentous period of Hong Kong’s recent history through the publication of two classic books — a book of documentary photographs – DEFIANCE, and a book of artworks – VOICES·
To collaborate with internationally and locally acclaimed photographers, writers, artists and designers to produce two quality books·
To recognize and acknowledge all of those who have played a part in this tumultuous period — the ordinary participants, the silent supporters, the photographers, the journalists and the many anonymous artists·
To donate to charity.

《誰衛我城 | DEFIANCE (特別珍藏版)》

版本: 精裝硬皮 | 法式書套 (French Fold Jacket)
內頁書紙: 157gsm 印光啞油 (spot varnishing)
尺寸: 10 x 13吋
約 220 頁

《誰衛我城 | DEFIANCE 》及《吶喊 | VOICES》

版本: 精裝硬皮
尺寸: 9 x 11-11/16ths吋
內頁書紙: 128gsm
約 220 頁

The books are printed in Taiwan and donated to Canada-Hong Kong Link for its own fundraising.

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