“I’m Fr Hong Kong not ?????” name tag


Measurements 尺吋 : 165mm X 93mm

Four Colors to choose from



I’m Fr Hong Kong not ?????

Carry it to clarify your HongKonger identity.

Product has arrived from Hong Kong with limited quantity. Please place your order now.

For order within Canada: Processing Fee or Shipping Fee will be waived for an order only with 2 or more pieces (any colors).

Product is designed in Hong Kong,  hand made in Nepal using hand-weaving natural hemp, and provided by Hongkonger Station. Proceeds net of costs will be donated to Hongkonger Station. Cost of the tags also support the families in Nepal mountains.
產品於香港設計,在尼泊爾採用天然麻草手工編織布料全人手製作,由 《香港台》提供。收益扣除成本將捐贈予《香港台》,採購成本亦可援助尼泊爾山區家庭,一舉兩得。


Natural hemp is a fast-growing, biodegradable plant. It requires low consumption of water and land field for growing rich fabric material without using pesticide and fertilizer. Learn more about hemp from the web site.
天然麻草是一種快速增長、可自然分解的植物。 它只消耗少量的水和土地就可種植,也不需要農藥和肥料就可以有豐富的收成。請到網址了解更多有關麻草的信息。


Additional information

Made in 產地

Provided by 提供

Beneficiary 受惠者


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