JTHK Kids Tee 童裝


顏色 Color:黑或白 Black or White
尺寸 Size:110 / 120 / 130 / 140 cm

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JTHK 一切用料及剪裁均跟市面速成製品不同,布料、網版、縫紉等全由台灣生產及人手印製,顏料亦採用高韌度的日本製品。整個產品策劃經多方考量及與廠商協調下訂造,絕對非次貨。此外,銷售、協商、客服、宣傳、運輸、溝通等運作主要由PROJECT R 的香港年輕人團隊合作,當中剛畢業或在學的青年佔大多數。

The designer brought the summits to life with simple touches. They tower against whatever may come, sheltering our children in the worst of times. We will carry on the story of 2019 with this chapter written by the next generation.

This collection. like their adult counterparts, is designed by DDDDDHK who are based in Japan. They are founded by some Hongkongers in Japan, supporting Hong Kong with their designs.

These products are designed by DDDDDHK, an initiative started by Japan-based Hongkongers. DDDDDHK strives to show their support to the movement in Hong Kong through their creatives. The materials and cutting of the JTHK series are different from those of the fast-moving fashion market. They are manufactured with high quality cotton fabrics and meticulously printed in Taiwan. The raw materials, including fabrics, printing screens and sewing materials, are sourced in Taiwan and the high-tough pigments for printing from Japan. The entire production plan was done with close collaboration of various parties. The execution, ranging from factory and material selection, sales, customer services, marketing to logistics, are accomplished by a group of young and diligent team of Project R who are mostly students and fresh-graduates.

顏色 Color:黑或白 Black or White
尺寸 Size:110 / 120 / 130 / 140 cm
材質 Material:精梳棉 Combed Cotton
針織 Thread Count:20針
印刷 Printing:採用日本顏料以燙印技術印刷 Thermoprinting with Japanese Pigments
重量 Weight:130g
產地 Made in:台灣 Taiwan

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