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Net proceeds after costs will be donated to TADC Hong Kong Humanitarian Fund.

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月曆義賣 Calendar Fundraising Sale

Ricker 揀選了 13 幅畫作印制一批座枱月曆義賣。籌得款項除扣除成本後將捐贈至多倫多支持中國民運會香港人道援助基金
Ricker has chosen 13 paintings for the printing of desktop calendars. Net proceeds after costs from the fundraising sale will be donated to TADC Hong Kong Humanitarian Fund.

月曆於加拿大印制,尺吋為 8″ x 8″ 。製作成本大約 $6,即每本捐出大約 $19。
Calendar is printed in Canada. It is at 8″ x 8″ in size. Production cost is approx. $6, allowing approx. $19 to be donated per copy.

本店可代為郵寄至任何目的地。請注意,郵寄不包括瑞士、英國及歐盟各國。若仍繼續付款訂購往此等國家,訂單將會被取消,Stripe 收取的信用咭手續費不能退還。
The store will ship the item to all destinations except Switzerland, UK and all EU countries. Should you continue to pay for an order with this item shipped to any of these countries, the order will be cancelled. Stripe service fees to process credit card payment is not refundable.

若訂單只有此產品,郵寄項目請選擇 “Calendar shipped by Canada Post”。若郵寄地址為美加以外,請選擇澳洲 Australia 並把完整地址寫在備註欄內。
During checkout for an order with only this item, please choose “Calendar shipped by Canada Post” for shipping. For mailing address outside Canada and US, please select Australia and enter the full address in the Notes field.

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