“Seeds of Freedom” + “I’m from Hong Kong” 自由之籽帆布袋 + 我係香港人掛牌


每個有 $12 撥入多倫多香港人道援助基金
The sale of each bag will have $12 donated to the TADC Hong Kong Humanitarian Fund.

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自由之籽 採用台灣製造的16安士純棉帆布織成,不經漂白處理,保留帆布的原色,手感厚實,配合數位印刷,令整體圖案色彩飽實。帆布袋耐用而不失美感,適用於各種生活中的場合。

布質掛牌一面繡上「我係香港人」,另一面則有獅子山的線條及 Renaissance (重生)字樣。重生是 Project R 的 R.

配上掛牌的「自由之籽」帆布袋,不論你揹著或手挽它去工作、逛街、旅行甚至遊行集會,都能展現出「我係香港人」 的身分。

The Seeds of Freedom tote bags are made from 16oz pure cotton canvas sourced from Taiwan. They remain unbleached and are sturdy to the touch, with the use of digital printing, the graphics on them appear vibrant and full. The tote bags are imbued with both longevity and beauty, suitable to any settings.

The cloth tag has the words “I’m from HONG KONG not China” embroidered on one side. On the opposite side is the outline of Lion Rock and the word “Renaissance”. Renaissance is the R for Project R.

The “Seeds of Freedom” tote bag and the tag together will give you the sense of being a Hongkonger no matter where you go – whether at work, shopping, travelling, or attending a protest.

Note: This item includes one piece of “I’m from Hong Kong” tag. The tag is available separately at the store.

產品由 Project R 生產、於台灣製造,由多倫多香港人道援助基金提供,每個售價有 $12 撥入基金。
Products are produced Project R and made in Taiwan. It is provided by TADC Hong Kong Humanitarian Fund. The sale of each bag will have $12 donated to the Fund.

由於印有 Hong Kong 字樣的海外版沒有存貨,運到的一批是亞洲版只有香港兩字。不便之處、敬請原諒。
The oversea version with “Hong Kong” printed is out of stock. Shipment just arrived is the Asian version with Chinese writing of Hong Kong only. Sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused.

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Made in 產地

Provided by 提供

Beneficiary 受惠者


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