SJBS Below the Lion Rock Glass 獅子山下玻璃杯



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玻璃杯由 SJBS 提供,為《九份茶舍》出品,於澳洲製造。


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本店備有 SJBS 現貨於多倫多供應。大家於本店訂購,可選擇於大多倫多市指定黃店自取,或於多倫多郵寄各地。本店若有缺貨,大家可以等候 SJBS 不時補倉,亦可於 選購從香港發貨直接寄往府上。
CanHKer has selected SJBS items in stock in Toronto. When you shop with us, you have a choice to pick up at one of our designated yellow stores in GTA or to receive the order by mail from Toronto to anywhere. If we are out of stock, please wait a bit for SJBS to replenish our stock periodically or order at website to get items shipped from Hong Kong directly to you.

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Beneficiary 受惠者

Provided by 提供

Made in 產地


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