SJBS Tote Bag 手足不散布袋


手足不散布袋 + 「加拿大」刺繡襟章
SJBS tote bag + badge embroidered with “Canada”

NOTE: This product is not as previously shown with a Ukraine badge. Selling price does not include a portion for donation to Ukraine.


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手足不散布袋 + 「加拿大」刺繡襟章
SJBS tote bag + badge embroidered with “Canada”


本店備有 SJBS 現貨於多倫多供應。大家於本店訂購,可選擇於大多倫多市指定黃店自取,或於多倫多郵寄各地。
CanHKer has selected SJBS items in stock in Toronto. When you shop with us, you have a choice to pick up at one of our designated yellow stores in GTA or to receive the order by mail from Toronto to anywhere.

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Beneficiary 受惠者

Provided by 提供

Made in 產地


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