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Project R recently launched a new series of JTHK Hoodies and T-shirts with 3 designs and 5 sizes. The metaphoric design concept conveys the messages in a subtle way, making anyone feel safe and comfortable to wear them in daily life. Each pattern is a story on its own to let you connect Hong Kong with all walks of life.
Project R最近推出新產品 JTHK 衛衣及T-恤系列,有三款圖案、五個尺碼選擇。穿上 JTHK ,參與不同國家的活動,或探訪不同地方,你都能在言談間輕鬆借設計圖案輸出抗爭,講述香港的民主之路,把香港人精神帶到國際,達致全球連結。

For each shirt purchased, HK$50 will be contributed to the Recovery Fund, which provides professional psychotherapy to Hong Kong protestors suffering from protest-related PTSD or other mental issues in confidential settings. The fund will support Hong Kongers in every corner of the world for their speedy recovery to a normal life. Remaining net proceeds will be managed by Project R to hire more Hong Kongers for the continuous development of high quality products.
你購買每一件衣物都會有HK$50直接撥捐千鳥花基金,支援香港前線抗爭者得到心理治療,讓他們盡快從 PTSD 及其他情緒困擾中走出陰霾。基金協助全球有需要的香港人重獲新生,繼續找尋自由生活。餘下淨收入撥歸 Project R 管理,以聘請香港手足繼續為大家提供更多高質抗爭產品。

JTHK shirts are made from Taiwanese combed cotton instead of regular cotton fabric. Printing is carried out by hand with Japanese ink, making the products resistant to fade. The product is set at premium price range due to the complexity of production and the top quality of materials. They are long lasting and comfortable to protect you during this season of discontent.
JTHK 用料絕非市面普通棉,而是採用了台灣精梳棉!精梳棉在紡紗過程中會以精梳機汰除較短的棉纖維及雜質,梳理並留下較長而整齊的纖維,使製造出來的紗線平滑有韌性,更均勻細緻。油墨方面使用日本製油墨,不易褪色,人手印刷。因為工序較為繁複講究,成本較高,價格也較昂貴。但用精梳棉紗織成的 JTHK 較市面普通棉製品更耐洗耐用、質感更柔順細緻,也不易起毛球及掉色,四季流轉,抗爭不變。

Product is designed in Japan and made in Taiwan. It is produced and operated by many young Hong Kongers employed by Project R. For more information, please visit the Project R product page.
產品於日本設計、台灣制造,是 Project R 聘用多名香港年輕人創制及營運的優良出品。請前往 Project R 產品網頁了解詳細資料。

CanHKer web store is proud to cooperate with Project R to bring the product into Toronto for you. We’ll collect orders and later distribute the goods when bulk shipment arrives periodically. When buying from Project R direct, there is an extra C$20-30 charge to ship an order from Taiwan. We are devoting our time and energy to save the shipping fees for Torontonians. With the money thus saved, may we suggest you to buy an extra T-shirt or to donate to Project R or this store.
「香港多得你」網店很榮幸能夠與 Project R 合作,將產品在多倫多為大家推出。本店集齊本地訂單,稍後貨品運抵再進行分發。如直接於 Project R 網店購買,每張訂單會有額外20至30加元郵費將貨品從台灣寄出。本網店負責人付出時間精力去為各多倫多同路人省下郵費,我們衷心希望你能將節省的金錢多買一件T-恤或捐予 Project R 或本店。

We have stock for many sizes and patterns. For out-of-stock items, please wait for next batch from warehouse. You can also order directly at Project R web store.
多款圖案尺碼本店有現貨供應,若圖案尺碼缺貨,請稍候下次出貨。大家亦可直接於 Project R 網店訂購。


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