“I am from Hong Kong” Tag 「我係香港人」掛牌



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The cloth tag has the words “I’m from HONG KONG not China” embroidered on one side. On the opposite side is the outline of Lion Rock and the word “Renaissance”. Renaissance is the R for Project R.
布質掛牌一面繡上「我係香港人」,另一面則有獅子山的線條及 Renaissance (重生)字樣。重生是 Project R 的 R.

Product is made in Taiwan, and produced and provided by Project R.
產品於台灣制造,由 Project R 生產及提供。

Project R 亦有「自由之籽」帆布袋及「我係香港人」掛牌套裝於本店發售。
Project R also has “Seeds of Freedom” Tote bag + “I’m from Hong Kong” tag together in a set for sale here.


Additional information

Made in 產地

Provided by 提供

Beneficiary 受惠者



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