A Defiant City 抗命之城


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A Defiant City: 239 sketches of Hong Kong’s mass protest movement 2019-20
#A book dedicated to all real Hongkongers

The Album: This book is a pictorial album containing 239 sketches made by a Hong Kong-based artist
recording Hong Kong’s 2019-20 anti-extradition movement, a mass protest movement resisting a law
amendment aiming at extraditing people in Hong Kong to mainland China. The development of the
movement has attracted worldwide attention. The sketches compiled in this album covers events
running from March 2019, when the extradition bill was introduced, up to January 2020, when the
Wuhan coronavirus epidemic became a looming threat to Hong Kong and the whole world. With all
sketches accompanied by short captions telling the five Ws: what, when, where, how and why, the book
is almost a chronology of a historic resistance movement of the people of Hong Kong – Hongkongers.

The Sketches: The whole collection of sketches is made on A3 size (29.5 x 41.5 cm) water-colour
paper. The sketch project began in June 2019 after the one-million-plus and two-million-plus protest
marches and ended in mid January 2020 before the beginning of the year of the Rat. The media used
were pencil and felt marker (sign pen); colour was added with colour pencil and, occasionally, crayon.
The sketches are mostly based on photos taken by the two artists of Fong & Yeung Studio and also
from various sources online.

The artist: Fong So is a journalist-turned artist working mainly with the media of brush and ink.
Before turning to art, he was an editor of a current affairs magazine based in Hong Kong. He also
works with woodcut prints and some other media. His works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, South
Korea, the UK and the USA and appear in the collections of the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the
Gwangju Art Museum in South Korea and the British Museum in London. Including this publication,
he has published nine art albums.

– Net proceeds minus $40 (cost+shipping) are donated for assisting HK freedom activists seeking asylum in Canada

– Size: 17 x 24 cm; 256 pages
Contents: 239 colour illustrations; a brief timeline of major events
Language: English
Publication date: December 2020



速寫:全部原作使用A3(29.5 x 41.5厘米)圖畫紙,以鉛筆及簽名筆手繪,設色時用顔色鉛筆

及倫敦的大英博物館。他至今已出版了九本畫冊 (包括此冊在内)。

開本: 17 x 24厘米,全書256頁
内容: 239 彩圖,附文字説明及事件時序
出版年月: 2020年12月

– 收益扣除约$40 (成本+運費)將用於幫助流亡加拿大手足

Book printed in Taiwan and sold by Toronto Hong Kong Parent Group.

eCopy of this book is now available at Amazon.com.

Good news! The last stock has arrived. They will be no reprint after they are gone. Place your order ASAP.


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