“Seed of Freedom” + “Umbrella Array” 自由之籽帆布袋 + 傘陣襟針


注意:帆布袋為印有 Hong Kong 的海外版
Note: Tote bag is oversea version with “Hong Kong” printed on it.

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Project R X 不浪漫的香港告白 ,傘下交接出共同理念,推出 《自由之籽》帆布袋 + 《傘陣》襟針 套裝組合。

襟針使用全金屬材料,正面以沖壓方式製作,有明顯凹凸效果,背面利用兩粒金屬鈕固定,象徵了傘下的穩固。帆布袋耐用而不失美感,適用於各種生活中的場合。不論你揹著或手挽它去工作、逛街、旅行甚至遊行集會,都能展現出「我係香港人」 的身分。


Project R partners up with AltHK to launch the package of “Seeds of Freedom” tote bag + “Umbrella Array” badge.

The badges are made with pure metal. The front is stamped to create a textured finish and a pair of metal buttons at the back affixes the badge steadily on any surfaces. The tote bags are imbued with both longevity and beauty, suitable to any settings – whether they be work, shopping, travelling, or attending a protest. They carry with you the sense of being a Hongkonger.

May the seeds of freedom ride on the umbrella array across the globe, blossoming on good soil.


注意:帆布袋為印有 Hong Kong 的海外版。貨品不包括圖片顯示的「我係香港人」掛牌,請於本網店另行購買。
Note: Tote bag is oversea version with “Hong Kong” printed on it. This item does not include “I’m from Hong Kong” tag shown in the photo. Please purchase the tag separately at the store.


產品於台灣製造,由 Project R 提供。
Products are produced in Taiwan and provided by Project R.

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Made in 產地

Provided by 提供

Beneficiary 受惠者


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